Tennyson King


Wild Rose

Wild Rose

Bring me down into your space

My blood is iron it caused the shake

Your lips they tasted like summer rain

The feel of warm in your embrace

Lay me down under your stars

Sing me sleep with crashing sounds


When I hear the call of island bells

I will ride to you on every swell


Where would you go, just a man looking for a home

Say goodbye, to this wild wild rose


Burn the air with your radiance

I will put my breath to rest

Take me to your higher place

The feel of lost, trapped, and no escape

Fall into the ocean blue,

We could float away for good

Don't Know Where I'm Going

Don't Know Where I'm Going

Hop on a train

See her eyes looking like a run away

Who will you be

The man in me is moving like a river free

Where is your home

A place in time I left so many years ago


In 6 more years maybe I’ll face my fears

In 8 more years I’ll end up right back here

I don’t know where I’m going but I know that I’m right here

I don’t know where I’m going but I know that I’m right here


Shes got a way,

Of saying things making me wanna stay

Where will you live

Every towns got an invitation to give

My life’s a game

If I die, I’ll come back just for a little change

How will you know?

I’ve been searching all along

Gimme My

Gimme My

I’ve been working for 24/7

My hands are shaking

My hearts a breaking

Counting down every single minute

Maybe tonight, I’ll get to go home


Gimme my damn break

Been working 24/7

Gimme my damn break

So I can see my baby


I’ve been dreaming for 10 long years

I still smile and face my fears

Front stage, spotlight, dancing in the summer night

Someday you will know my name



You Get Old

You Get Old

Woke up to a deathly scream, Found my love lost in a dream

Something in me change, but hell I felt the same

The city seems so loud at night, found myself tryin to hide inside

It takes a toll on my pride, but I’m just getting tired


I feel it in my shoulders, they say it’s cause I’m older


Well its time, you get old

Don’t you wish you had another day

But I’m fine, I’m not sold

At the end of the day it’s just an age

And its time

You get old


Someday I’ll be my father’s age, hope that I get my mothers days

With endless possible rhymes, as long as I’m not shy

Life kicks you when you’re behind, so just, step back and take a bigger stride

The gaps aren’t hard to find, just take it line by line



I’m just riding twenty-eight, life keeps getting better everyday


Passing Through

Passing Through

I’m on the right, you’re to my left

Been driving for days, but this road never ends

Tell me your life story, I wont forget

By the end of the week we’ll be lovers again

I look in the mirror, filled with red

Miles away and the sun still sets

No time to stop for your cigarette

Time ticks with every bead of sweat


Mind the space, is it all we’ll ever know

Time and space, is relative to you

Feel all of life passing through


My backs on the lane, I face to the stars

Am I insane, it doesn’t seem too far

This highway’s dead like the sound of space

Are we what’s left of the human race

Line after line, tree after tree

Its all a blur and I can barely see

All the dead won’t stop talking to me

Before they wake I should get some sleep


Why do we chase the sun

Climb higher and higher




A little bit morning eyes

Little bit of that sunshine

Feel the ocean and hit that wave

Red kite flying high

Brown skin shinning bright

I’m watching every turn you make


Something extra special got me shakin in my bones

On this higher level, my mind is just on loan


I feel alive,

Now we’re shining like gold

Every moment is slow


A little bit of resting time

Little bit of blue skies

A lot of love in the earth this way

The moon comes out by 9

We got that DR white

Everybody’s dancing the night away






When I left she was calling my name,

Singing so sweet, the tide didn’t change

Northerly wind blows


See ya later, gotta jump in my van

Chase that sunset and start again

Life on the road


Got hours of driving to find what I’m missing


Will you ever find that feeling, that gold coast dreaming

Floating on a wave

I’m gonna get my dose, on that sunshine coast,

Just lying in a daze


In the city I can burn all my care

Smoking up the love that floats in the air

I flow you glow


Shake your body, all the kids say twerk

To the land down under by the men at work

You push I pull


Free of judgment

To live in the moment


Pass that love around

Ain’t nothing gonna bring us down

Am I breaking?




Oh, it’s such a beautiful day

Watch the birds fly away

But when they take what we own

We lose our quiet home

It’s so hard to find

A place like this to stay

Don’t let them take it away

All it takes is you and, you and, you and, you and me.

Oh, the sky’s so blue

A painted picture so perfect

But when they burn all that’s true

We lose what we knew

It’s so hard to find

A peaceful place to stay

Don’t let them take it away

All it takes is you and, you and, you and, you and me.



For all the times that I’ve made mistakes,

And all the times that I chose to hate,

I could blame it on the things that I’ve been through

Or blame it on the ways on how I grew

But I know it’s me, it’s how I chose to be

For every little piece of gold that I stole,

And all the pretty women that I didn’t hold,

I would blame I on the change that I’d go through,

Not thinking about the pain, I caused you

But I know it’s me, it’s how I chose to be

I know, I know, I know, that I could hide

I’ve shown, I’ve shown, I’ve shown my good side

I know, I know, I know, that I could hide

For all the times that I would lie,

And all the times that I didn’t try,

For all the times that I ran away,

And all the things that I didn’t face,

I could blame it on the way my father died,

Or blame it on the tears from my eyes

I could blame it on the need for control,

Or blame it on the way life unfolds,

But I know it’s me, it’s how I chose to be

But I know it’s me, it’s how I chose to be

But I know it’s me, it’s how I chose to be

I know it’s me, I’m glad to be



Where am I headed, this trail ain’t movin

I’m about to lose my journied mind

I’m not chasin, dreams for no reason,

It’s a path I know I got to find

Working overtime, heart right on the line

All my life, All my life

You that I might find, taking back what’s mine

All my life, All my life

And all you get is a piece of my little heart

This world is deceiving, trying to get even

Strippin’ me of all my human pride

I’m only human, facing my demons

I gotta find the strength to stay and fight

You’re not ready for love

Be your steady beating heart



Tell me tales about the summer

While Chasing wilco by the river down the bend

Tryin’ hard to leave the city

The open road goes miles and miles and miles on end

Wind give us a whisper, tell us we’re closer

To those warm summer nights, up north in Barry’s Bay

Those clear stary nights, up north in Barry’s Bay

The colder nights are warm by the fire

When your arm and arm sitting with some friends

Catch a smile from your one and only

Under shining stars you’ll find romance

Sunday morn is coming and I sure as hell ain’t goin

Every second is spent on this lake

Freedom comes when we’re together

Just the girl, the water and a little earth

The sun is shining bright in the summer

Let it melt away the troubles and the hurt



Somewhere, into the madness

There’s a sense of sadness

I’m being honest

Somewhere, into the vastness

Life is timeless,

and I’ll be all alone and maybe

I’ll be happy

So long, I’m leaving this city

She kisses me windy

So I can be free

So long, to another story

My pages are empty

Let’s leave, what I call home and maybe

Find another one

Somewhere, up in your heaven

I know your watching

I’ll be missing

Somewhere, in another dimension

Your soul is searchin,

Every dream, is of you and maybe

You’ll come back to me

Someday, my body will lay rest

I won’t contest

Just being a realist

Someday, life will be hopeless

I will be strengthless

And I’ll die, all alone

And the land is where I rest my bones

The sun will make my road

The sun will make my road

Shining in my soul

Shining in my soul